DCMP Spotlight: The Teen Files Flipped

I took a wild trip back to the Noughties to work on part of the MTV series "The Teen Files". In "Flipped", young people learn some hard lessons when they get thrown into situations totally opposite from their usual situations: boyfriends and girlfriends switch places, kids who dabble in drugs deal with overdoses, racists find themselves with people of colour, and all of it happens with MTV-style quick cuts and the music of the time. But though the music is dated, the issues are not. In this clip, we meet two young people who see no problem with bullying "weaker" kids... and will soon find themselves bullied. 

Movies For the Blind 081: Love Affair, part 1

A womanizing French artist (Charles Boyer) meets his match in an American former nightclub singer (Irene Dunne) on a ship bound for New York and the people they’re supposed to marry. 1939. Part 1 of 3. First posted May 25, 2009.

This was one of my favourite films to work on for the podcast. Here's a described video version of one scene I've used as an example of description in a couple presentations I've given to conferences. (It wasn't even the hardest scene in the film to do.) 

DCMP Highlights: MY:24

It was a privilege to work on some episodes of the Australian kids' series MY:24, which features video diaries of young people talking about the 24 hours that changed their lives. They tackle issues like self-acceptance, foster care, depression and cultural stigma, but are upbeat and inspiring as they build the skills to overcome the hurdles in their way. The clip below features Coen, who's lived with debilitating Cystic Fibrosis most of his life and gets set for a lung transplant.