DCMP Highlights: Sign Language Storytelling

If you've watched any of my work with the DCMP on the Video Samples page, you'll have noticed their videos are accessible for students who are blind and students who are deaf. When I received a series of videos of children's books presented with American Sign Language (ASL) and already captioned, it came with a challenge for me as a describer: what do I do about the sign language? While there are different answers to this depending on the project, for this one, we decided to establish what was being done in terms of text and sign, along with taking advantage of the space given for the wonderfully expressive ASL interpreters to perform by describing some of what they were doing. This helps a vision-impaired audience to associate some of the signs with the words of the story, learning along with their hearing-impaired friends, as well as those with sight and hearing. Inclusiveness in action! 

Here's a sample of the series, for which I wrote but did not voice the description: the start of a book called "Big Al":